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Update on my wife- from the Droid

My name is Lloyd, you guys probably know me as “The Droid”. That’s what Peachy calls me on the internet. I’m the lucky husband and she is my best friend. She asked me to do this for her. To let you guys know she is going to be ok. The people that know us in […]

Covering the scars- failing moms

I am taking a brief moment today where I wont be making you laugh.  I do realize that is the primary purpose of this blog,  to ” Be Peachy”.   Today I have to write a post that warrants personal  attention to a person who will never read it. If you are a friend you […]

Experiencing Technical Difficulties

It’s kind of hard to admit, but a culmination of personal, professional and medical issues has come together to form what can be described as the trifecta of soul sucking emotional and mental attack of epic proportions. I can not find the words to properly describe my current situation only that I feel like a […]

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