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Remembering the Remarkable

If you know me, you know that I’m not about the fluff and not about the “jump on the bus” mentality. So take it as my word, and if it applies to you, thank me later, if not, keep looking.

I am medically known as a zebra, believe it or not this is actually relevant to this post and I will try to keep it short.

My Brain- very sexy

Chiari awareness Month stop the silence

Don’t hate me because my brain is bigger than yours. There are so many other reasons that are I wont argue.

Coming out of the closet…

Coming out of the closet. In order to just stop all the confusion and questions, I will go ahead and just lay it out there. I have Chiari, it’s a brain thing, where my brain is just so damn big and sexy it needs to herniate from my skull. This causes an endless supply of […]

Focus on the Thanks pushing through the rest

Thank you to all the good things in my life

Recently I have been quite noticeably absent.  It hasn’t been because I am on a tropical island being served frozen drinks by my sexy boytoy Brendan Fraiser. Damn it. Instead after over  a year of daily posts on 3 blogs and doing some freelance writing for a few collectives I reached an impasse.  This site is created to “Be Peachy”, to remember that […]

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