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Customer Service

Dear Service Providers of the Universe,   I have compiled a list of things to help you out with that all elusive things called common sense.  I am super nice like that..   1– please do not have a recording tell me repeatedly that I can do everything on your awesome website, I am familiar […]

TwongBall- Parting is such sweet sorrow..

This morning as I fumbled my beaten keyboard with my still sleeping fingers I was smacked in the face with news that opened a floodgate of memories. “RIP TWINKIES- HOSTESS CAKES NO MORE” I was probably in shock, but instantly an entire lifetime flashed before my eyes.   Remembering Ding Dongs, SnoBalls, Twinkies and the […]

never ever light your farts on fire here is why…

smuggling cats to cold war russia

” what the hell are you thinking???? didn’t I tell you about the time I got busted smuggling kittens in from India to sell to the Russians during the cold war? yeah well that’s EXACTLY how that entire thing all started

My Brain- very sexy

Chiari awareness Month stop the silence

Don’t hate me because my brain is bigger than yours. There are so many other reasons that are I wont argue.

is it living because it only feels like waiting…

With the overload of health issues around here, along with the common “life stuff”  I willing took a break from blogging after the last attacks from trolls, trolls who don’t know me, know my child, know my life, know my situation, and will never understand my life or my thoughts…  Simply put I took a […]

Introducing Madame Chicklette

grown up silkies this is Madame Chicklettes future.. hopefully

Oh yes a new and fowl adventure has been undertaken by the Peachy Gang.   We have entered where no Kirk has entered before.   Introducing   Madame Chicklette  ( pronounced  Maaaadaaaaame   Shick-a-let) drumstick roll puleeze…….     She may not look like much now, but if things work out, and we are hoping […]

The Ghost of the Arctic Turkey Past

Moronic Monday Arctic Turkey

For today’s Moronic Monday I am dragging out this oldie but goodie from the past.  Hope you enjoy.   Against my better judgement I bothered to get out of my pajamas and actually went to the store to buy a turkey. There are a few problems with buying a turkey on the night before Thanksgiving. […]

I can’t even begin to tell you people

how bad I want a freaking donut  right now. I think that anyone who was genius enough to deliver hot fresh donuts would be a freakin billionaire… and honestly like my bud on facebook just said, you could probably even get classified as an emergency vehicle with lights, sirens and speed through lights if you wanted.   […]

Memorial Day- Remembering

The sun can not set a single day without me remembering in some small way to think of the price that they have paid. Those so young that have left behind their childlike dreams and toys. All the little girls turn to women and men that spring from little boys. The ones left behind are […]

You might be doing it wrong… just saying

Dear lovely Military Base who recently took care of me this past weekend due to a heart event. I am not a soldier or a hero. I am just a wife of a retired military person who worked behind a computer in the Military for 20 years.  After being the daughter of a 20 year […]

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