Remembering the Remarkable

and 100% ALL ME.


If you know me, you know that I’m not about the fluff and not about the “jump on the bus” mentality. So take it as my word, and if it applies to you, thank me later, if not, keep looking.

I am medically known as a zebra,  believe it or not this is actually relevant to this post and I will try to keep it short.  For those of you that don’t know what a medical Zebra is, CONGRATS  chances are you don’t have 50 kazillion rare or weird medical issues, but this post is STILL for you,  and those of you who are fellow zebras, sorry I feel your pain, *fist bump*,  I hope this post can HELP you.   In the list of glorious diagnosis that make me a zebra: I have had a headache since April of 2007 thanks to Chiari,  I have muscle and joint issues,  stomach issues, balance, memory, sometimes vision/hearing,  nerve issues in my limbs and memory, oh wait, see told you memory.  There’s a lot more but that’s enough to give you the general idea I’m basically a (sometimes) walking, often falling, hot mess.   But I’m a grateful hot mess, and I have a fantastical life I wouldn’t trade for anything, and I do LOVE waking up on this side of the dirt daily, even though some of the days I find it monumental to just drag my body out of the bed.


Like anyone with a pulse I love free stuff.  But I am coupon disabled, and hate spam so I never ever ever (did I say never)  click on sample, or link or coupon or contest.   I know my limits, and I already beat the odds by breathing, so I’m pretty sure I wont win anything else, I used up my luck with healthy kids, a great husband, and finding amazing Dr’s to keep me out of the beautiful vase on the mantel.


I have a facebook friend named Nicole, I have watched her evolve in her profession and personal life over the past few years via the internet.   So when Nicole posted that she had some samples of Essential Oils and would send them out if anyone wanted one.  I knew it wasn’t a scam and instantly yelled ” ME ME ME !!!”    Then I had to ask her what I had asked for,  I’m cool like that.

I was unfamiliar with the entire want/need/purpose of essential oils.  I bake, I make chocolate, I do computers,  I live in the south.   There are oils in my world.  Motor Oil,  Cooking Oil,  and Baby Oil.    Nicole is awesome, and she gave me the link so I could read about the Essential Oils and their purpose and use.   Then we had a long conversation, that was my fault because I was super excited.

Once she explained the purpose of essential oils, and the different uses for a wide variety of reasons, it hit me like a bus. I remembered my great grandmother, with her hankies, and the peppermint oil to lay on our chests and dab on our feet if we felt less than perfect, the drops of lavender in the evening tub, then always on a beautiful little hankie and slipped into our pillow cases, the way she would slip a hankie with a little citrus into our suitcases so when we traveled we were energized. When the winter cold and sadness would creep in, my beautiful soft spoken great grandmother would slip away and return with an oil to rub our hands as she would listen to our woes. She had played piano in the silent movie theaters in her younger years, and had these long beautiful fingers, but by her late 80’s arthritis was trying to twist them, she kept her agility and wouldn’t let arthritis claim her body by her special mixture of oils she blended with lotion to use on her hands. I had somehow forgotten all those things, they had been pushed to the back of my brain filled with movie trivia, and song lyrics, and computer passwords, all the things that filled my brain since she passed so many decades ago. But as a mom for 26 years I did turn to “old tricks” from time to time, like peppermint in water to settle a babies stomach, and lavender scented baby wash to calm them for the night.


How did this amazing knowledge get lost in just 3 generations.  My great grandmother passed in the 70’s.  Pharmaceutical treatments have boomed since then and we all know how that is a next level crazy  multi kazillion dollar market.  When I tell you we pay thru the nose to have 2 insurances just so I can see the Dr’s I need to see and be able to buy ramen noodles and my prescriptions I am not kidding.  It’s a rough world, we have been able to cure so much, correct so much, prolong life, and so many amazing things.  I am lucky enough to have ridiculously genius Drs who also respect my right to try anything else first, before adding yet another pill into my routine of the dozen or more I already have to take.  Not all Drs support this idea,  and if you look at someone on more than  5 medications daily, you will see that over time other medications must be added to just treat the side effects of the other ones they need to survive.    It’s great we can do this,  but we lost a bit, didn’t we?  Remember if you are here, and you are reading this,  your genetics are awesome even if they appear jacked up.  Because in your not to distant history every one of us has family members  that knew NOT to eat poison,  how to treat their own problems, and basically were tough as nails to survive.  Not only the midevil ages,  but just a couple generations ago.   Horse to town,  1 Dr with natural cures,  no power, no water,  no vitamins, no walmart, no gas station, hard life, hard hard life.   But if you are here, that means your ancestors were  incredible, even without  Ambien,  ibprofin,  orajel, lyrica,  phenegren, antibotics and the slew of other medications prescribed 10 thousand times  a day across our country.  Does this mean you shouldn’t take your  prescribed medication?  NO NO NO NO NO NO NO and NO.  Duh.  That’s between you and your Dr. and honestly your ancestors probably would  have lived longer, stronger lives with the medications we have access to now.   My point is that maybe if we combined what they knew with what the Drs and pharmacist know now,  just imagine how incredible it could be.  It’s just my theory. I’m not a Dr, Nurse, pharmacist or anything that requires higher knowledge.  I’m just a woman who just realized that her great grandmother from the 1800’s  was on to something.


I received my samples from Nicole.   I had a little lavender and a drop or 2 of lemon and the same with the peppermint.   That evening,  I put a little lavender in my tub,  and  in what would probably be considered blasphemy to any lady  I grabbed a clean solo sock.  ( solo socks are the name for the surviving sock when it’s mate runs off to sock heaven or  a parallel universe)   I put a little lavender on it, and shoved it in my pillow case and then put a drop on my sleep mask. ( don’t judge me and my sleep mask,  I need everything in my favor to even attempt getting to sleep let alone staying asleep for more than 2 hours).       Here’s a really really incredibly HOT picture of me in my awesome sleep mask at  my friends    Angie and Arts house in Florida.

Very Sexy I know.  Also big Thanks to my "friends" Art and Angela for posting this on facebook so I could use it in this post.

Very Sexy I know. Also big Thanks to my “friends” Art and Angela  I still love you a little bit.


So the next day I felt ok, so I did it again the next night, and again, I rested.  So I have been doing this every night.  Let me explain,  sleeping is an Olympic event for me.  I have done everything to achieve the ever elusive sleep.   With the help of Dr’s and medication I can achieve sleep ( sometimes).   I am super grateful for that, however, sleep is not rest, or relaxing.  Often I don’t get through the night leaving me stuck in a state of longing for rest.   So the fact that I have consistently achieved relaxation and rest and sleep every night is ground breaking.


I can’t even adequately explain what actual rest has done for my productivity.  For the first time in years I am going full speed, 24/7.    Something I was told would be nothing but a fading memory for the last 5 years.

Now this isn’t Dr Fabulous Miracle Oil.  I’m not saying that it’s going to make you rich or cure your every worry. I am saying that so far it’s really helping me achieve relaxation and rest in combination with my regular medical and behavior routines.


The downfall.  With having rest and the energy to run 24/7 for the very first time since 2009,  my body has said, “slow it down”.   I’ve had a lot of procedures in the past couple of years.  A LOT.  As in over 20.  I  have also done physical therapy  for a couple years to help my balance,  my gait, and mobility issues, not to mention all the nerve and pain.   My body has a routine.  If I leave my house on a Monday,  Monday night I wont sleep,  I will be in pain, and the next day I can do nothing, not a thing,  even something simple like the dishes.   It’s been that way for 5 years now.  No matter how much I try to push through I am fighting my own body.  So running full speed leaving my house every day, thinking, walking, driving,  I keep waiting to hit the wall, and I knew it was coming, so I tried to thwart it, keep it at bay, not let it win.   But BAM !

So I took the precious drops of the Peppermint Essential Oil and I massaged it into my feet and hands,  I took my  Lemon Essential Oil and placed a drop in my water,  a drop in the diffuser next to my chair and then a dab behind each ear, then rubbed a little into my throat.


You guys,  I’m here, I am writing this post,  unsolicited, because I can not even believe the difference.  Am I NOT jumping up and dusting the ceilings or painting the house, no, certainly not, far from it.    But I am not moaning with every twitch and choosing to go without lunch because I can’t get past the pain to move myself into the kitchen.

Let’s clarify here,  I am using these fantastic high quality essential oils in addition to my regular prescribed medications.   It’s only been about a week,  and only the smallest drops of these Essential Oils, but I can see a difference in my body,  and I need to share that in case it makes a positive difference for someone else.

Remember this is an unsolicited personal post from ME, my point of view and MY results,  I am not paid nor compensated for this post,  Nicole herself doesn’t know about this post and will only find out one I publish and share the link to her wall on Facebook.   So right now I need to say, Thank you,  Thank you so much Nicole for telling us about these doTerra Essential Oils.   I will bake cookies today,  and everyone who takes a bite will be thanking you.





If you want to find out more about these essential oils from doTerra please visit this link to Nicoles doTerra site.

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