Scientific Study on Saturday

As you know my house is pretty much filled with some really smart people.  Like the Droid is nearly Bill Nye the Science guy.   My kid the Prince does science projects for fun.  They let me exist here because I can find food in the refridgerator and tell them when their clothes don’t match.

But last night, I too entered the realm of the scientific study. Without even knowing it I was conducting and proving a scientific theory.

Since words are not coming to me easy today I decided to just go ahead and publish the notes and diagrams straight out of my scientific journal.

my scientific journal marks the study here are the diagrams

yeah this is what MY scientific journal looks like- don't judge me

I am not really hungry since I hit my head ( again) I feel kinda barfy so you guys can have my pie.

weeble proof pie chart

serious math people will notice the 1% not calculated. screw u

Since I discovered it I get to name it .  Showing I am not vain and naming it after myself I have come up with this.


Chronic Weeble Deficiency Syndrome

But I found this seriously kick butt weeble picture and if I were a weeble it would probably be what I would look like.

red headed weeble woman

image from trg.fireball20xl

But I wouldn’t have that particular hand placement, I think.

I think this is pretty conclusive evidence, that I am indeed not a weeble.  Now I have to go and ask ( code word for beg/threaten)  my Droid not to put the survilance tapes on line anywhere.

Hope you have a weeble weekend guys.


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18 Responses to “Scientific Study on Saturday”

  1. WeaselMomma says:

    I’m impressed with your gymnast type flexibility! You managed to fall while remaining on your feet. That can’t be easy. Sending you an icepack full of chilled vodka.

  2. ThePeachy1 says:

    yeah the entire indent is a bit fuzzy but lucky for me the Droid pulled the tapes and showed it to me over and over and over and over.

  3. Tom says:

    I’m with Weaselmomma on being impressed. Your scientific study should also note the side effect of being very flexible.

  4. ThePeachy1 says:

    I think that my legs just forgot to fall for a small time period. I didn’t include the part where I am on the floor or the part where I crawled around before getting up. I blame years of cheer leading and coaching on the being limber part. Unfortunately due to my current dedication to lazy I am sure every muscle in my right leg is injured from standing when the top half of me fell. So it will take more studies to find out if limber is a co-morbidity of CWDS or a early warning symptom.

  5. Shanzam! says:

    I was gonna suggest that you draw boobs for added realism, but after seeing the last pic from your journal (notice I left out the word “scientific), I had to reevaluate. It occurred to me that with the added boobage, that pic could be considered “surprise buttsects of female corpse”.

    You’ll notice the “x’s” instead of eyes, representing death in real scientific journals…and most cartoons.

  6. ThePeachy1 says:

    Yeah I do actually have boobs. but drawing with a possible concussion was hard enough . the x’s for eyes, were prefect because I have no memory of the event, ( as usual), so I could have been indeed dead, which means I came back. so I am either a religious relic who books will be written about, OR . a zombie.

  7. FabuLeslie says:

    I think the hand placement is ideal. Especially if you’re wearing a skimpy yellow top that may show some boob action if the hand placement were different.

  8. ThePeachy1 says:

    if we are going for proper hand placement to boob ratio… then my hands would be near my knees. if weebles have knees

  9. rwwells says:

    By tbe graphs and scientific drawings, I’d say there is no religion involved…but a cross between a pilates instructor, a drunken cast member of Jersey Shore and most definitely a zombie.

  10. ThePeachy1 says:

    I did pilates once, but then he told everyone so we broke up. I was a cheerleader for years and then a coach so I think I am limber from that. However i am pretty sure I tore something in my right calf. Why my legs stood after my faceplant not sure. But I have been to Jersey, so it could be that, but probably the zombie thing….. don’t forget that zombie spider bit my face. it was a long time ago. and I would rather not be offed in a preemptive zombie rampage. but if this happens again I am afraid the evidence will be conclusive

  11. rwwells says:

    Good riddance to the pilates guy. I understand he’s a real demanding chucknugget, always expecting uncompromising positions and critiquing your cat-cow back stretch. Course, maybe he’d have the answer for the right calf thingy.

    Zombie spider!? Love it! Makes me want to get involved in your FB strings and run out and buy you some bug spray.

  12. ThePeachy1 says:

    come on over big guy… I mean it’s pretty clear I don’t have long… with the zombie stuff and all.

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  14. Holly B says:

    OHH more poor Peachy =[
    Please forgive me but I’m lolling big time at those scientific drawings.

  15. Holly B says:

    Well CRAP O LA – that should have read MY poor Peachy.

  16. ThePeachy1 says:

    yeah I am real science buff. clearly the brains of this operation. ( LOL I said brains and operation LOL)

  17. I like this website its a master peace ! .

  18. Lance 1NUT says:

    I really enjoyed reading your website, I found it in Yahoo every day and finally gave up and came here, I think I have read everything you have ever posted. You are like crack

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