Diving in head first into the world of the blog.  I have been in computers forever, and run other dynamic and static websites, but this is my first blog. Giving it a shot as it’s far more personal and hopefully there will be mucho interaction.  I love sharing my life experiences and outlook on life with people along with checking out products, services or companies and giving and honest opinion. So I thought to myself, “self, blogging maybe for you” .  Next thing you know POOF  I am here on your screen.  If I had my dithers I would buy and island, and the residents would be allowed by invite only, thus building my way cool empire of awesomeness.  However I seem to have misplaced my dithers and I instead am a mom, a wife, a pet owner,  and a former corporate suit type,  who has experienced utter conversion and holds a perspective on life that gets me thru when there isn’t a door option 2. You can contact me at peachy@beingpeachy.com

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I am on your computer, you did that.. Don't blame me.

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