The Mississippi Gulf Coast was basically annihilated by Hurricane Katrina, much national focus has been given to the levees breaking in New Orleans after the initial storm, the poor emergency management, and the outrageous finger pointing of politicians and citizens alike. The silent coast focuses on our loved ones, and recovery. However now January, 5 months later, we still see devastation everywhere, our infrastructure was demolished, thousands upon thousands are homeless, many lost their business and some lost their lives.  If you would like to know more about the Mississippi Gulf Coast’s plight with Hurricane Katrina and recovery we proudly refer you to
The SunHerald article, “Mississippi’s invisable coast”

Below you will find photos, taken either immediately after Hurricane Katrina in August of 2005, or recently January 2006, Some were taken by GCIS, some were submitted by visitors, to submit your photo please email to info@gulfcoasthurricanecenter.com

Popps Ferry Bridge has now been repaired and re-opened January 2006.

Biloxi Oceans Springs Bridge still not repaired or re-opened hindering travel as of January 2006

No word yet as to whether the Treasure Bay Casino will re-build or re-open

The Gulfport Harbor was our main shipping port, still closed, the Marine Life Oceanarium had sheltered
the dolphins who then escaped, then were found, and now sadly sold to a resort out of the country.

Amazingly The Palace Casino has re-opened January 2006, and their hotel is accepting reservations,
One of only 3 Casinos able to open so far, The Imperial Palace, The Palace Resort and The Isle of Capri

The Edgewater village was gutted, the Edgewater Mall though heavily damaged has just re-opened January 2006

It is reported that over 200 historical sites along the Gulf Coast have been destroyed,
You can find out more about Beauvoir Manor, the Historic Last Home of President Jefferson Davis
at their official site

No word about the President Casino or Hotel re-opening, January 2006

Actually hit by a several story casino during Hurricane Katrina, the Tivoli was a local landmark.

The Hard Rock has been re-building since the Hurricane, they were set to open just as Katrina struck.
waiting for news on an opening date as of January 2006

Keesler was severely affected as you can tell by the photos above. I drove through 2 days ago, construction everywhere, the medical clinics are open on a limited basis, there is no emergency room but a “first aid station”,  the commissary is now in the All Ranks Club, and trees still lay in military housing that wasn’t washed away. Some housing did sport blue roofs which indicates that some people are living on base. January 2006

Amid the pile of debris that once was a very nice neighborhood, this family has climbed to what’s left of their homes roof, and laid out an American Flag,
Flags were displayed and still are throughout the wreckage and debris all around the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

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