Hey there Stunt kid…..   I went thru the formals that I have left.  For your viewing please I present to you …..




this formal is classic and simple. straight cut with slight Princess directly under bust line. full length, back has unique triple horizontal decorative straps. this is a deep blue



beautiful floor length around the neck fasten gown, amazing detail work in monotone on bodice. dark blue/black




this beautifully detailed conservative dress, is a single dress but appears to have a longer blouse effect, which has amazing shimmer beading detail. it’s floor length however, this is more towards the “dress” than the “gown”. the material is velvet feeling yet incredibly stretchy.


this gown is full detail and loaded with both shimmer and monotone top to bottom hand sewn, it is very heavy, and has a flat underslip. Floor length, black


LOVE this Strappless Tea Length, black with creamy attached sash gathered in front to a diamond clip. it does have a wire supporting bustier inside the dress for support and the ability to stay up and fight gravity like the little shit it is. from the sash down, it has a couple layers of sewn in crinoline. A meant to show an inch one with a creamy trim to match the creamy gathered sash. This gown always made me fee so pulled together, like a 50’s house wife wearing a tight bodice puffy crinoline skirt dress along with pearls while she vacuums in her pumps. *crinoline needs a little hand sewing repair*


beautiful floor length silver shimmer gown, amazing design at breast, then under princess cut, a double fold to give depth and instantly slim by allowing you to exist under the fold. straight cut, the back sports a diamond cut out with 2 diamond buttons that will be just under the back of your neck. This was my gown for Sams cumming out, sweet 16 Cotillion.


the proverbial little black dress, but as a formal. it’s floor length with fine straps over each shoulder, the material is so light and flowy. Sam wore this Sr Prom, and to formal dinner on our cruise to cozumel. easy breasy slip this baby on it’s pleasin’. it’s layered and flowy and just right to hide little imperfections, at the breast a set of rhinestones gather the pucker at the breast, then a faux flip thru knot is directly below hiding and tummy concerns, the back is astounding, as it goes straight down and then an amazing fan panel glides in the back as you walk.


another easy peasy gown. Picked this one up in Virginia, and we took it on the cruise also. super light flowy material, not as many gathers just a straight cut top to bottom. rhinestones accentuate the boobage areas and continue on both straps and then down your back. I attached the straps in the back to form a racer back, ( and lift up my boobs) but they can be straight or racer back.


This was Sams Cotillion dress for her coming out sweet 16. She also wore it to prom. beautiful burgundy, true floor length formal, perfect detailing on bodice front and back, sewn in crinoline but not enough to make it southern belle but just enough to stack that A line perfectly. additional detailing on back of bodice and matching shawl/wrap for a bit more modesty. * this dress requires a small amount of hand stitching on the back zipper.

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