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Remembering the Remarkable

If you know me, you know that I’m not about the fluff and not about the “jump on the bus” mentality. So take it as my word, and if it applies to you, thank me later, if not, keep looking.

I am medically known as a zebra, believe it or not this is actually relevant to this post and I will try to keep it short.


These colored bands, are earned by mothers, they hold knowledge and signify rank in Mother Martial Arts. beware.

Today I blew my cover in my super secret world wide Gang..   Damnit.   All because I ran in a store to grab my mom a treat.   I’m not Darkwing Duck, I am…  e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e. Dear punk teenagers with the crotch of your pants lower than your knees, with a cigarette hanging out of […]

Customer Service

Dear Service Providers of the Universe,   I have compiled a list of things to help you out with that all elusive things called common sense.  I am super nice like that..   1– please do not have a recording tell me repeatedly that I can do everything on your awesome website, I am familiar […]

never ever light your farts on fire here is why…

smuggling cats to cold war russia

” what the hell are you thinking???? didn’t I tell you about the time I got busted smuggling kittens in from India to sell to the Russians during the cold war? yeah well that’s EXACTLY how that entire thing all started

Captains Log

crew morale is becoming dangerously low. This could be my last update.

OH Lawdy y’all!

the end is near, run.

RUN!!! The end is near! We were so distracted by zombies we forgot every single post apocalyptic movie script ( warning) that came out in the 90’s….

Doctors and Lawyers and Schmucks oh my!

jokes from my daddy

My Dad had this joke waiting for me when I got back from the Doctor.  Since the Doctor told me to hire a lawyer I thought it was the PERFECT post for Friday.  A lawyer I would buy a drink for. I hope you guys enjoy,  Thanks Daddy. ******************* Part of rebuilding New Orleans caused […]

Man Rules- from my Daddy

jokes from my daddy

If you are a follower chances are you have been privy to my secret WMD (Wonderful Mulit- forwarding Daddy).. My daddy is 79, he is awesome. Some technology may elude him but there is one thing this man has mastered. He can forward 278.5 emails to all 822 people in his contact list 10+ times […]

Funny Friday- Surface of the Sun HOT!

Wooo Hooo  You guys we made it !  It’s Friday !  That means we made it to the weekend !   I don’t know about you guys but where I live it’s roughly the tempepature of the surface of the sun.  Literally.  NO seriously.  NOT. EVEN. KIDDING.   By 8am the heat index was 112 […]

O’Funny from McDaddy

jokes from my daddy

Here’s a funny email joke from my Daddy.   The following is an actual exchange of correspondence between a customer and the Irish Railway Company. Gentlemen, I have been riding your trains daily for the last two years, and the service on your line seems to be getting worse every day. I am tired of […]

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