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I surprisingly  had to add this page when my little corner of the interwebz at the tender age of 1 month. I got an award. WOOHOO yeah me.  I am sure this is some sort of signal my narcissism is showing but that’s ok. Right?  Or are you guys punking me? Seriously cause I actually get all excited each time I get one. Even if it’s a fictitious award I am all about it. Yeah that’s the Leo in me.

I super suck at dealing with awards and usually lose them or fail to do the 500 step requirement that comes along with the honor. However I love them and I love the people who find me worthy enough to  include me.

You should be able to click on the award and go straight to the person who gave it to me.  Key word being “should”.

Newest is always on top.

pop art minis daily featured top story by the peachy 1

For the post- "Canaries are Crackwhores" on ThePits

Stylish blogger award

From my Cobra Sistah "TheReckMonster"

jc little of little animation  features baby peachy in nuckingfutsmama and hoo dee hoo  mbteamgl race

JC of Little Animation featured me as surprise 5 singing opera, on the great MBteamGL road race with Nuckingfutsmama and Hoo dee hoo

Top Story headlines on Pop Art Mini Daily  3rd consecutive week,  IamThePeachy1 at BeingPeachy and ThePits

They Featured my Peachpit-a-pedia from the Pits

JC Little from Little Animation features ThePeachy1 and WhyisDaddyCrying in an animated battle post.

JC Little from Little Animation featured me and WhyisDaddyCrying in an animated battle post

Stylish Blogger award from Sunny Sings the Blues

From Sunny at sunnysingstheblues.blogspot

LOL Blog Award from Bran Muffin  for my daughter Sams Post on the Pits of Being Peachy

From Bran~Muffin at muffinsfun.blogspot

But the ” LOL  award” from Bran~Muffin was not actually for me,  it was for a specific  guest Post by My Awesome Glitter Farting Daughter Sam,  over on the Pits called Sam I am.  Totally NSFW but click here to see it.

headliner at the pop art minis featured tweeter again

My Tweets Made the Pop Art Minis Daily Again this week ! Honored!

AWarded Count on you to make me laugh award from Miss Nikki of My Cyber House Rules

From Miss Nikki of My Cyber House Rules

life is Good from Rachel Spiker at The Rachel Chron

The Rachel Chronicles at



sweet blog award from Oil Field Trash of Make Daddy a Sammich

from Oil Field Trash of Make Daddy a Sammich

ThePeachy1 ranks 20 in Babbles Top Twitter Moms of 2010 Peoples choice

I guess out of 436 that's good, notice someone with a penis beat me? In a mom contest.

versatile blogger award ( my very first award 2.5 weeks into blogging.)

plastic joy award

I found this, but can't figure out where I got it.

I found this, but can't figure out where I got it.

no clue where this came from but I love this award

love you like my favorite dildo

Clearly this one came from Holly at MidWesternMamaH

possibly misguided award

possibly misguided not sure who gave it to me but I don't think they read my blog

spooky blog award from Holly

From Holly at MidWesternMamah for her spooky series

From Sarah at overthinking Mama

this one came from Sarah at OverthinkingMama

I do love an appreciate each award and they make me feel all tingly and special.  But sadly I could lose my own freaking fingers if they weren’t adhered to my hands.  Sorry to everyone I lost, and thank you again.


The Traveling Notebook

I was the 3rd stop for The Traveling Notebook

I was the Featured blogger for Studio 30+

I was Featured in Questions for a Blogger

I was a 2 part series with Tell All Tuesday at OverThinking Momma

Part 1-

Part 2-

The Pop Art Minis front page news

Not my post, just my tweet.

************** Awards I have made and given out********************************

Also I have some awards I have created and if you would like you can nominate someone for these awards.

An award for not stabbing somone.

Originally created for Amazing Geis the day she didn't stab her coworker.

We all encounter people that really need a good stab in the throat with a #2 pencil.  So if you know someone who held back even when they surely had motive and probably an alibi or at least justification, just shoot me an email letting me know who they are, what happened and how to reach them.  They may just get this very prestigious award.  With this and $5.00 of their own money they could probably get something fantastic. Like a pack of #2 pencils or something.  Send your nominations to

covered my ass guest post award

to Holly B at MidWesternMamah and Miley

guest post award from being peachy to Holly at MidWesternMamah

guest post award from being peachy to Holly at MidWesternMamah and everyone else who has ever done a guest post here.

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