Hurricane Kit

Tub 1- paperwork and identification – All your important documents, heirlooms,  2 months medication and medical records, pets shot records- leashes,  health, medical, mortgage, life, dental, car insurance  and any other important paperwork in 2 ziplock bags and then in a waterproof tub.  Along with photo albums and back up your computer drives on flash, or actually pull you drives ( don’t try to haul the entire pc)  and throw them in the box. An old fashioned address book and calendar planner,  a couple of pens and a journal.  Make sure you have EVERYONES phone number and get all your banking info, mortgage and contact info ) other than just your local numbers to your insurance). 3 ways to reach 2 out of state contact people who use the internet,  let them know they are the contact people, also inform friends and family THAT PEOPLE are the contact person. All Birth Certificates, social security, deeds, marriage licenses. Blah that stuff. Make sure to get 4 neighbors full names and contact info and if they are staying or not and their contact person.  If they are staying, make sure you get that contact person.  Trust me if you leave ( or they leave)  it’s really good to have someone you can reach that can tell you ” it’s still standing, torn up but here”  or ” go ahead and stay there, really you have nothing to come back to.”

Tub 2- Survival- Several Cans of  Crap food-  Chef Boy R Dee,  Spam, Treat, Potted Meat, Tuna, Vienna Sausages, Canned Ham, Can corn Beef, Cans of Soup, Cans of Veggies, Cans of Fruit.  Pudding cups, jello cups, snack cakes, fruit roll ups, fruit snacks, boxes of fruit drinks, boxes of capri or hi -c drinks,  small bottles of assorted grape juice, instant coffee, crystal light singles. 2 boxes of 3 kinds of crackers,  pop tarts,  3 boxes cereal bars,  2 bags chips, 2 bags beef jerky, Powdered Eggs, Powdered milk.  4 boxes of boxed white milk,  2 boxes of cereal,  a hand can opener,  a frying pan, a pot,  paper bowls, paper plates, plastic silverware, napkins, babywipes, 12 pack toilet paper, 8 pack paper towels, 4 bottles UNSCENTED  bleach,  2 packs clorox wipes,  2 boxes kitchen trash bags, 2 boxes lawn bags,  shampoo, deodorant, toothbrushes and toothpaste,  feminine  and/personal hygiene.  2 cans bug spray,  Aloe Vera lotion.  Aluminum Foil. tongs, 2 bags charcoal, 2 cans lighter fluid,   12 off the shelf complete meals.  jar of peanut butter.  Cooking spray,   sunscreen,  *** 1 gallon of drinking water per person per day is the rule! I say have 5 days on hand***, To go packs of condiments-  ( from fast food places)  ketchup, mayo, mustard, salt & pepper.   bag of candy and bubble gum.  ( if you have access snag 3 MRE’s per person.)

Kit 3- Tub/Suit Cases-  A sleeping bag and pillow and sheet per person,  5 changes of clothes per person, including 2 pairs of shoes, A hat per person,  2 indoor extension cords,  2 outdoor heavy duty extension cords,   2 box fans,   2 flashlights per person,  a crank-able radio/ TV,  A battery operated radio,  a list of local numbers for emergency contact. ( Civil Defense, Red Cross, emergency Management, Hospital, ) A backpack full of activities for each kid.  ( hand held game system, coloring books, book, old cell phone with games and charger, puzzles, cards, board games, todays).  2 electric lanterns,  2 oil lamps,  3 bottles of oil, 2 packs of emergency candles,  2 boxes of matches and 1 long fireplace lighter ( kept in a ziplock),  3 packs of glow sticks or necklaces.  ** If you have babies,  get all their needs to last 7 days, diapers, formula, water, baby food and medicine.**

Have your plan and escape route ready,  Then have your- how are we getting back plan ready.  Don’t hurry back if your area took a direct hit,  your power will be off, it will be hot, and it will be miserable. Remember to keep your contact people  actually contacted.  Things like gas, medicine, food, water,  atm’s, phones, cell phones, cable, the internet, groceries, emergency services, will probably be nearly non existent,  so  prepare yourself and children appropriately,  along with the stress of the visual smack in the face.  PSTD can happen from a hurricane.

Now here are some optional things that will most definably make your life way easier after a hurricane-

~ a generator-  you need it,  also the big strong 3 prong power cords,  NEVER KEEP it in your house or garage.  DUH you will die from the carbon monoxide.

~ if you have a well this means you can run your well off your generator.  offering up water on demand, if you don’t,  ahead of the game, fill all empty bottles, then freeze them, it will help keep your freezer food cool longer, then can be use to clean, and flush toilets.

~ Hammer, assorted nails, staple gun, staples, large blue tarp, spray paint, shovel, rake,

~ You can clean water by using UNscented NON color safe bleach,  1 part bleach 10 parts water. They also sell water purification tablets in most sporting good/hunting stores in the camping sections.

~ toilets will flush by you pouring enough water in them,  they still run on gravity and water levels.

~if you have a generator,  have a griddle, toaster over, coffee pot or hot plate to heat water for a tub or shower.

~ if you run out of propane gas to cook on your grill, remove the tanks and you can use charcol.  Or safely build a dug out pit surround with rocks and bricks and build a very well attended to in earth bbq, you can use the bbq grate/grill over your fire pit to cook on, with your pots and pans or using aluminum foil to use it as a stove r coffee pot.

~ NO standing water.  get rid of all it that you can, even flower pots, if you have outside standing water, use it if you can, keep bleach in it.

~ before the storm fill your bath tub, and garbage bags, and buckets with water, you can use this later to flush your toilets.

~ make sure to take pictures of your electronics and valuables, at least 2 shots of every room put them in kit 1 it will help if you have to deal with an insurance adjuster.

– a lot of shelters won’t take pets,  go ahead now and find out from your local civil defense which ones do, make a list and contact numbers for them.

~Remember if you stay,  you will be on your own once the storm approaches, EVEN first responders can not get to you during a Hurricane,  so if you chose not to evacuate, then you become entirely responsible for you and the people you affect by your decision.  So you better be  beyond 100% comfortable with your choice in case you end up burying them.

~If you live in a low lying area,  park your car in an area that’s at least 12 feet higher than your front door, and tie your boat on a long rope to the eve of you home, for a speedy escape after you have cut your way out of your roof with the ax mentioned above.

~ Always move NORTH not east of west if a Hurricane is approaching,   They will always end up following you if you move east or west.

~If the storm is 50 hours out and your area is the “cone” of possibilities , go ahead a book a room NORTH of you that has a VERY lenient cancellation possibilities.

~Pregnant women in high risk groups or their last trimester or people with advanced RSVP,  need to contact their Doctors and either be admitted to the hospital just in case or go ahead and leave town depending on the advice of the Doctor.

~Once your area is put in the “Target Cone”  keep your vehicles filled with gas.  If you own 5 gal gas jugs and evacuate,  take as many with you as will fit in your vehicle with your other things but not gas you out with the fumes. If you have them and don’t evacuate,  gas up 1/2 once you are in the cone and the other half once you get a warning.  You can always put it in your car if the storm doesn’t come.

~If you have a pool.  You can use that water to flush your toilets and bathe after the hurricane.

~ TONS of batteries,  AA, C’s, and D’s are most common but check all your flashlights, radio’s and lanterns and radios.  Also if your equipment or batteries are rechargeable and you DON’T have a generator, well then think about that for a minute.  3 weeks without power, your stuff probably wont make it.

Always have all pet supplies, anything for elderly and babies or small children.  if you chose to stay behind in a disaster area, you need to understand, you are going to need to handle EVERYTHING for your family and pets, with no outside assistance,  for at least 5 days in the worst possible situation.   If you evacuate, take your kits with you.   When you return you will probably need them.

If you wonder where these lists and my attitude came from.

When I was younger I was forced to ride out a storm called Fredrick under a direct hit.

Then I worked for a small local gulf coast Municipality when both my children were under 6.  I was activated  into  Civil Defense management during a little storm called “Andrew” .   I was forced to stay. I sent my children away.   It is always best to leave.  Always.  Even 30 miles can make a difference.    I have long since left that position but I have kept with me a great respect of what can and does happen to our area and the power of mother nature.  What a citizens responsibility is.   Our house was lost to George.   Then of course Katrina obliterated entire towns from existence all along the coast.    Even if you do not receive a direct hit. You must be prepared to take care of yourself and those you are responsible for.



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