Mardi Gras- pictures for you. boobs, bear, beads, and bikinis

It’s Mardi Gras people!  Last year I let you guys send me on a Mardi Gras scavenger hunt.  Then I posted the pictures for you all.  This year I am reposting it for everyone today …  Originally posted 3/11/20122  Enjoy

As always I dare to attempt to meet all of your needs, wishes and seriously jacked up requests.

Since I have the honor an privilege of living here on the Gulf Coast. I get things like hurricanes, rednecks and oil spills.  In return  the Catholic Church and Government gives us Mardi Gras.

I know all of you have been, want to go, or can’t come.  So in my efforts to continue Being Peachy I sent out an offer.  You name what you want to see from my Mardi Gras and I would get it.  Then I would dedicate it to you.

Needless to say you Juicy Fruits did not let me down. In fact you raised the bar so high I wasn’t sure if I could get it all.    ( some of you accidentally thought I live in New Orleans, as you asked for things we don’t have here even during mardi gras, but I did my best)

Here are the things I was asked for.

boobs, bare chested men, people having fun,  people dressed funny or in costumes, beads, me ( what??? why do you want to see me?), king cake, craw fish, cops, drunks, people drinking, drunks toasting,  a person on a horse, a person in a tux, skateboarders, witch doctor, bare feet, people with HUGE balls, cheerleaders, proud tourists,  somebody cooking on the parade route, womens shoes (aka shoe porn),  drag queens, kids sleeping at parades,  a float with the beach in the background, a news crew,  famous people ( alexander skarsgard, harry connick jr, matthew mconaghy,  ryan gosling) .

If that wasn’t bad enough I got these requests-  Drag Queen in a bikini, 3 leggeded transvestite, and a weasel catching beads.   hrmm…  I have to tell you I got these.  They didn’t walk by either, I had to hunt them down, and was nearly beaten to death trying to get one of these, because they didn’t want their photo taken so I put my camera in a paper bag and shot it through the whole.  Apparently the subject realized that bags should not have a flash.  I escaped.  You so owe me.

Now since this all invovles a hella lot of photos I have broken it up over both blogs.  So if your pic is not here,  it’s over here at ThePits

Now let’s make with the pics.

mardi gras photo scavenger hunt king cake flashing men winners
Thanks to @MagsHoops for requested the flashing guy with a king cake. Hard to get those in the same pic but worth it.
mardi gras, shoe porn, awesome heels, cool socks, winners 2011
Oh the shoe porn, so many requested this.
being peachy  shoe porn at mardi gras, the boot porn winners
boots were in this year, probably due to the weather.
The Peachy 1 for Mardi Gras  at Being Peachy
have no clue why you wanted pics of me but here they are, in all the poses requested, let it be known my husband called me a narcissist. DUH, where have you been?
mardi gras 2011, food porn with the peachy1
my Cobra Sister asked for the Crawfish Toast
mardi gras 2011, tourists
Canada, New England, Florida and Michigan.

mardi gras bead winners, big balls, king of beads the peachy 1

-Tons of Videos of my You Tube Channel  but here is one

Remember this all invovles a hella lot of photos I have broken it up over both blogs.  So if your pic is not here,  it’s over here at ThePits

OH yeah I normally don’t name drop but here is me and and my boyfriend  Brendan Fraser at Mardi Gras this year.

Brendan Fraser and ThePeachy1 at Mardi Gras 2011
Me and my boyfriend Brendan Fraser ( he totally wants me)



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5 Responses to “Mardi Gras- pictures for you. boobs, bear, beads, and bikinis”

  1. Oilfied Trash says:

    I remember this.

  2. Brandon says:

    That’s not the only time I’ve seen Brendan with some white stuff on his upper lip! *ba-dum tiss*

    Loved it last year, love it again this year. Hope things are well with you, Peach! xoxo
    Brandon recently posted..Pinterest – The Devolving of Social Media

  3. You are the FRIGGIN’QUEEN OF EVERY DAMNED THING!!! Man, you NEVER disappoint, Peach. I don’t care if this was last year’s scavenger hunt – it STILL rocks balls. I think you should use it again next year because it will still rock balls then – just like you will be rocking balls for the next 5 decades!!! XOXOXO
    The Reckmonster recently posted..I’m on hiatus…

  4. Amy says:

    Nice photos. I really love it much. I want to go there and be part of the event.
    Amy recently posted..Discover Charcoal Grill Smoking Dangers

  5. Susan says:

    The bead contest looks fun and hilarious. I give credit to the guy wearing the biggest beads. He really placed a lot of effort in the contest. I love the photos of the shoes. You are totally right about looking good together with boyfi Brendan Fraser. Thank you for sharing.
    Susan recently posted..DTS Home

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