Coming out of the closet…

Coming out of the closet.

In order to just stop all the confusion and questions, I will go ahead and just lay it out there. I have Chiari, it’s a brain thing, where my brain is just so damn big and sexy it needs to herniate from my skull. This causes an endless supply of WTF type symptoms ranging from balance, insomnia, memory, blood pressure, and of course the ever present “please freaking kill me” headaches that will not go away. Several of my online friends also have it but the majority of them are post op.

I have known since May of 2009, and been under military care, and it is beyond their scope. I have been symptomatic since 2004 when I begin seeking treatment for extreme headaches, change in sight, hearing and Dysphasia.

In addition my spine is jacked up like a jenga game, or our trash cans the day before garbage day. They can’t fix your brain and spine all in the same year, since there are excellent spine Dr’s here we are working on the spine first. I under go MRI’s, EMG’s, EEG, EKG and every other test known to the free world regularly.

Today ( Monday 1/23) the needle sticks and electrocution was just my lower body ( lumbar and legs). It’s called an EMG and I have had upper body ones before, they aren’t that full but the pain is gone when they are done with their test, so you can sort of “push thru it”.

Tomorrow I am having a Lumbar Radiofrequency Rhizotomy on my right side. This is to burn the nerves ( facets) so they can not transmit to my brain the pain in my right side and leg. It’s done awake. We have no clue when I will have my brain surgery or where it will be done. We just got our civilian health insurance Jan1, so we are getting civilian doctors.

I will probably be out of the loop for a week or 2, and just in case anyone gets to wondering WTH is Peachy? This should solve it for you. I’m fine and dandy just working on getting better !

Thank you to all my friends for being there, and thank you to all my friends who knew but did make it public at my request I really do appreciate it. As they work their way up my spine, I am hoping this will allow me to return to a stronger, more active me. Time will tell, and if not, well then I am pretty lucky to have you awesome folks around to hang out on line with. Thanks guys ♥ ya!


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12 Responses to “Coming out of the closet…”

  1. Oilfied Trash says:

    I will include you in my prayers Peachy!!!!!

  2. ThePeachy1 says:

    Thanks man… Send shrimp po boys! ( I hear it makes you heal faster)

  3. Brandon says:

    You’re in my prayers. You can overcome this!

    Or, worst-case scenario, you’ll just look like Brain from Pinky & The Brain. You can take over the world with your gigantic brain!

    Just remember to keep your humor. It’ll help.

    *fingers crossed*

    *toes crossed*

    *eyesd croddedqa*

    (…wow, it’s hard to type with your eyes crossed. I’ll just stick with fingers & toes)
    Brandon recently posted..Old School Gaming, and the Hidden Messages Within

  4. ThePeachy1 says:

    LOL Thanks Brandon.

  5. “Chiari” sounds so pretty. But it aint. I’m holding you close Sandi! *waves at Lloyd* stay in touch with us dude.
    The Animated Woman recently posted..FUQMAN!

  6. Suzanne says:

    So glad you let us know. You’ll have an army praying for you!

  7. Shanon says:

    You are in my thoughts and prayers, peachy lady! Glad to hear that today’s procedure went well. One step closer to being all fixed up. Wishing you all the best as you recover from this and prepare for upcoming surgery.
    Take care, be rested…
    xox Shanon

  8. Laura says:

    Stay strong Peachy. I will include you in my prayers as well. You’ll be back healthy and pain free.
    Laura recently posted..DTS Home

  9. ThePeachy1 says:

    Thanks guys, you are all fabulous. I am sure the well wishes are helping me, so far so good. Thank you all

  10. Deborah says:

    Glad to know you are being strong. You will pass these trials someday and we will be here to congratulate you. God bless.
    Deborah recently to get a girlfriend

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